Costa Rica

April 2007
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Sunday, April 22, 2007, San Jose and Miami

As the last day of the trip, this was the day for everyone to travel back home. Luckily Nancy and I were on the same flight from San Jose to Miami, so we helped each other through the San Jose airport and with a little work managed to get seats together on the plane. After arriving in Miami and taking care of immigration, luggage, and customs, we had time for a nice lunch before we had to catch our respective flights back home. But it was nice having the extra time together.


This trip was my third trip with Amazing Journeys, but my first land trip with the group. Considering the logistics of moving 40 people and 54 pieces of luggage around a country with poor roads, I think Amazing Journeys did an amazing job. The only part of the trip that was truly uncomfortable was the ride from Monteverde to Arenal, but I don't think there's any way they could have done it better. The boat trip was definitely better than having to spend another hour on bad roads.

Compared to European trips, Costa Rica is very different, yet still a great place to visit. Whereas Europe is more about seeing great things, such as buildings and art, Costa Rica is more about doing. From hiking to biking, rafting to rappelling, Costa Rica is about spending time outdoors enjoying the great works of nature instead of the great works of man.

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