Mediterranean Cruise

May 2006
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Thursday, May 25, 2006, Würzburg Germany

This was the last day of my trip. Because of the travel time needed to get to the airport for my flight I didn't have time to do anything today other than travel. Originally my sister was going to drive me to the Frankfurt Airport, but due to her previous experiences with construction and traffic jams on the way to Frankfurt we decided it would be better if I took the train.

This ended up being a good idea. It was a pleasant ride to the airport and since there were electric outlets on the train it also gave me a chance to do some more work on this travelogue without draining my battery. The total ride to the airport was just over an hour. From the train station it was a short walk to the ticket counter where I checked in. The security at Frankfurt Airport is very tight. Before accepting my luggage they had me open it up and inspected everything. Even going through security to the gate was very thorough. In addition to scanning my carry-ons in the x-ray machine, they also had me open up my carry-ons and did an explosives detection test. Despite all the testing, passing through security was quick and efficient and only took a few minutes with almost no waiting in line.

Overall I'd say this was an excellent trip. I had the opportunity to visit interesting cities in five European countries and meet interesting people from all over the U.S. as well as a few other countries. I can't wait until my next big trip.

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