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Wednesday, May 24, 2006, Bamberg Germany

Today my sister, nephew, and I spent some time exploring Bamberg which is about an hour drive from Würzburg. Along the way we passed one of the many wind farms used for generating electricity. This is definitely something we need more of in the U.S.

Bamberg is a charming little town with a good portion located between the Main and Regnitz rivers. Our first stop in Bamberg was the tourist office where we picked up a map. From there we walked over the bridge past the Old Town Hall then back over a second bridge to the Grüner Markt (Green Market) and past St. Martin Church. Looking at the map we kept getting lost. After walking only a short distance we had lost our position on the map. It turned out that Bamberg is so small that the scale on the map was huge. Walking just a few meters moved us what would have been several blocks on a map of Chicago. Once we realized the scale of the map we were able to more easily figure out where we wanted to go.

After walking around the market a bit, we ended up walking to an area called Little Venice where we saw a gondola passing by on the river. Little Venice is made up of a row of very picturesque former fishermen's houses with balconies and tiny gardens along the bank of the River Regnitz.

After looking around at Little Venice we decided to hike up to the top of a hill to St. Michael's Monastery. On the way there we passed the very interesting looking city archives. The hike up to St. Michael was pretty good up a very steep road. Once we made it all the way up there we found a little cafe where my sister could relax a bit and give my nephew something to eat.

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