West Coast Road Trip

October 2010
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010, Mount Shasta to Portland, Oregon

After leaving Mount Shasta, we continued our journey north, with a brief stop in Eugene Oregon for lunch before arriving in Portland. After checking in to our hotel we decided to explore a bit and ended up walking along the river front. Portland's Tom McCall Waterfront Park river front is great piece of public space with a wide walkway along the river providing a great view of the river and its many movable bridges. As we walked around we noticed a large number of homeless people in the park as well as a huge number of bicycles coming from all directions as it neared rush-hour. Docked toward the center of the park is the Oregon Maritime Museum's steam sternwheeler, Portland, which was the last steam-powered sternwheel tugboat to be built in the United States. Directly behind the tugboat is the mast from the USS Oregon, which during the Spanish American War in 1898 dashed from San Francisco to Key West, rounding cape horn, as the Panama Canal hadn't been built yet, in sixty-six days arriving in time to join the American fleet in action at the Battle of Santiago Bay. After walking around the waterfront a bit more and checking out the harbor, we eventually ended up at an Italian restaurant, Ristorante Roma, which turned out to be quite good.

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